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As a financial advisor in Spokane Valley, WA, Mike specializes in retirement planning and investment management. Mike’s dedication to his clients comes from a genuine interest in people and a quickness to form relationships and see people he cares about succeed and thrive. He understands that each person has their own story and individual needs. With a deep love for learning and a gift for analysis, Mike brings balance, objectivity and creativity to his relationship with clients.

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Retirement Planning

Our retirement planning process helps individuals understand the most important questions that need to be answered before retiring.

Tax Planning

Tax laws change frequently and we help our clients plan accordingly.

Investment Management

We help our clients with asset allocation and other important investment decisions.

Estate Planning

Estate planning includes many financial questions. We help our clients understand these questions and how to plan for future generations.

What is Your Risk Number?

Risk is different for every person based on their unique situation, stage of life, and personality. It is important to understand your personal risk preference so that you can ensure that your portfolio is in line with it and you aren’t caught off guard.

Do you know your risk number? Check out my online risk assessment tool to see where you stand today!

Free Portfolio Risk Analysis

Cup of Coffee and Second Opinion

With extensive experience in financial services, we can help you plan, save, invest and manage towards your needs for many years to come.

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